Software Consulting Solutions

We identify bottlenecks in business workflow and automate tasks to drive down employee costs while increasing efficiency and productivity

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Retail Software

The entire process, managed by us.
  • POS Installation and Management
  • Custom software
  • Staff Software Training
  • Self-Service Kiosk's
  • Custom Website's

Custom software gives you the edge over competitors

Running as efficiency and smooth is the top priority for retail stores. Utilizing custom and market available software brings your business up to market quality and exceeds expectations.
Scaling your business is just as important as your image. Software makes the process seamless integration between franchises while maintaing the simplicity of a single store.
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Corporate Software

Installed and Managed without a hassle
  • ERP Installation and Management
  • Custom software
  • Integration Software
  • Excel Automation and Scripts
  • Databases

Efficiency and employee hours are paramount

Accelerate your growth and profitability with future-ready technology that helps you expand your reach while protecting your business from disruption. Simplify your business and put more time back in your day with ERP software
Utilizing a combination of perfectly suited software combined with cutting edge new technologies allows for advantages exclusive to your business.
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Educational Software

Improve your students experience
  • Custom IOS/Andriod App's
  • Student Database Management
  • Attendance Software
  • First Year Experience Software
  • Student Data Collection Software

Improve the quality of your students education

Modern students growing up around technology can benefit from it in the school system as-well. Develop custom applications to better explain concepts and engage students into the curriculum.
Improve the first year experience by giving them a place to ask questions and view information on the go.
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See how much money software can save you

Use the calculator below to estimate potential saving from software

Amount of Employees



Potential annual savings with custom software

Start increasing your bottom line revenue and take the lead against competitors with custom software
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