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August 8th, 2023
Software Development Team
UX/UI Team
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We've created a software solution that focuses on two key aspects of business management: employee sales reporting and payroll calculations, along with robust sales analytics. This tailored software is designed to streamline your daily operations, offering the benefits of precise data handling and efficient payroll management. In doing so, it aims to enhance overall productivity and elevate sales performance within your organization.


Create a unconventional yet user-friend and simple to understand agent reporting portal to match their current reporting infrastructure that is being done manually. It should be intuitive, responsive with optimized UX/UI and cloud based, for mobile usage.
  • Develop a simple to understand and use agent reporting portal matching existing protocol
  • Increase efficiency of employee reporting and reduce management time of data processing
  • Completely eliminate human error from reporting
  • Provide data insights from compiled data from the portal
Our approach was client-centric, emphasizing collaboration and adaptability. We continuously integrated client feedback to ensure user-friendliness and alignment with established protocols. We prioritized the comprehensive documentation of rule sets and permissions, implemented stringent controls to reduce errors, and introduced report templates for greater efficiency.
Additionally, we developed robust data compilation methods that gathered information from all reports and agents, simplifying comprehensive analysis and decision-making. This approach resulted in a tailored and highly effective solution that met the clients specific needs and objectives.
Complex Permission system for users
User Authentication & Restrictions
Data Import / Export
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