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1. Analysis
2. Plan Development
3. Implementation
4. Support

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Workflow Explanation
The process starts with an initial explanation of the workflow of the business. How information flows and plans get executed.
Problem Identification
Issues from slowed turn-around time to simple in-house information flow. Bringing up the issue's at hand and documenting them to determine potential solutions.
Optimization Identification
Sometimes the problem is not the answer but the question. With the ever changing world of software, solutions exists to tackle problems previously thought to be impossible by typical standards.


Plan Development

Devloping a detailed step-by-step process to solve all problems and bottlenecks and then the process of optimizing existing and new systems.
We will assign key points in the consulting process and the time required for each as-well as the completion date. This would also include meetings to ensure all mission critcal aspects are being address and are moving along well.
Finalization of documents about consulting goals, time-line, pricing and any other aspects of the deal.



The inital installation will take place. This can be new software installation, new processes or entirely new hardware.
Initial testing to ensure functionality accomplishes the consulting goals will be conducted. After these goals are verified to be met, a live test will be conducted with the company staff.
In-person or virtual training will be conducted to ensure that all employees take full advantage of the software.



24/7 Support
Anytime we have staff online to reply to you as soon as possible. Never get caught without help when you need it most.
In-person Support
We are ready to send somebody in at a moments notice to diagnose any issue at hand. From software to hardware and even training, we'll be there to aid you in person.
Virtual Support
Sometimes all you have is a couple of quick question about something. Remote desktop connection and video calls can accomplish most of the day to day questions you might have.
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