Educational Software Consulting

Education is evovling, so should your software

Student's coming in are well versed with technology. Take advantage of the modern solutions that improve information retention and student engagement.

Educational Solutions


Educational Mobile App's

Improve student activity outside of the classroom

  • Increase club and event particpation through app notifications and alerts.
  • Campus map and first-year student experiences.
  • Safety alerts or weather warnings for potential delays or closures.
  • Direct communication remotely between students and teachers.
  • Remote viewing of grades and student assignments.
  • Automatic attendance through in-person scanning through the app.
  • Local educational social media for clubs and classes.
  • Office directories for contact beteen students and offices.

Custom Software

When cookie cutter solutions are not optimal
We develop a custom application tailored specifically to your educational instuitions needs.

Reasons to get custom software

Seamless software integration
24/7 On-call support and training
Improving student engagement rate
Increasing student retention rate
Direct relationship between software and company needs
Software scales with your student body

Still not convinced?

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